This isn’t an ordinary trip by Darius Sinathrya and Donna Agnesia

Celebrity couple Darius Sinathrya and Donna Agnesia managed to enter Manali City, Himachal Pradesh in North India after driving around 380 kilometers in two days from Chandigarh City. The two couples who were on an adventure in the Himalayan Ridge mission claimed to have received many challenges along the way.

“A journey full of drama. Rain, fog, ravines and congestion on the mountain are truly extraordinary,” said Donna who was on her husband\’s ride with her trip.

Darius and Donna claimed to have gained new experiences that had never been imagined before. Riding a Royal Enfield Himalayan motorbike, Darius was forced to withstand the cold weather and strong winds on the slopes of the Himalayan mountains in Northern India.

“At night the weather changes very drastically. Cold and fog limit movement and speed. The boundary of view is very close, while the road is uphill and winding, it is a very epic challenge,” Darius said.

This isn’t an ordinary trip by Darius Sinathrya and Donna Agnesia

Darius and Donna started the Himalayan Ridge on Wednesday (7/31). The adventures of the two artists were accompanied by the team, including senior journalist and motorized adventurer Wisnu Guntoro Adi – familiarly called Gareng -. They began their journey from the City of Chandigarh.

On the first day of the journey Darius and Donna had to spend a distance of about 175 kilometers to get to Narkanda. During the trip, the group that used local helmets from Tangerang, JPX encountered many challenges that were recognized as quite thrilling adrenaline.

“We started the journey from Chandigarh in real time which was not ideal because it was too late. At three o’clock in the evening it is very risky to start the journey to Narkanda because the path rises to a height of about 1,600 meters from the sea surface,” explained Wisnu.

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This senior reporter blew in rain and thick fog, making the trip to Narkanda very risky. Aside from the bone-chilling cold, the relative visibility of only 2.5 meters makes the Himalayan’s speed only 25 kilometers per hour.

“Luckily we finally got through Narkanda at eleven o’clock at night. Donna can still enjoy the challenge even though it has to rain,” Darius admitted.

“The track is great! The balcony road next to a rock wall and a cliff is very beautiful and challenging,” Darius said. He added off-road terrain with high elevation to Manali as the core of the challenge of traveling on the second day.

“We were lost about 30km away. But it is precisely that we can see beauty that has never been imagined,” Darius continued.

This isn’t an ordinary trip by Darius Sinathrya and Donna Agnesia

Furthermore, the Himalayan Ridge team will explore Manali on a third day adventure, before continuing the journey to Khardung La at Leh Ladakh at an altitude of 5,359 meters. Khardung La distance from Manali is around 500 Km. We will divide in three days of travel due to extreme track and weather conditions.

And while, it must be amazing to think about making such a journey possible, that isn’t the reality with everyone, especially when you are embroiled in your day to day life.

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